Friends of Greenwood Furnace, Whipple Dam and Penn Roosevelt

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Volunteer Opportunities

April 23 -Greenwood Furnace Park Cleanup Day - 9 am - Noon - Refreshments and Hot Dogs afterwards!

May 7 - Whipple Dam Park Cleanup Day - 9 am - Noon - Refreshments and Hot Dogs afterwards!

Whipple Lake Trail Restoration: Date to be announced

The Friends Group can always use help with certain tasks. For example, we sell firewood at the Greenwood Furnace campground as one of our fundraisers. But we have to MAKE the firewood first before we can sell it! The funds we generate help maintain park infrastructure, pay for park programs such as "Old Home Days", and also pay for projects such as new pavilions. We typically have some ongoing work, like the firewood production, and some occasional work such as trail crews. Lastly, we have the annual cleanup days for each park which are only a little bit of work but a lot of fun. See below for details. Contact us at: or call the park at 814-667-1800.

Firewood-chuck: Selling firewood at the Greenwood Furnace Campground is currently our most important fundraiser. There are two methods we use to produce the firewood. The first method is just getting a few people together, coordinating the park's hydraulic logplitter, and then meet to cut and split wood. At least one person should be comfortable using a chainsaw.

The second method uses the Huntingdon County Prisoners to cut and split firewood for us. Don't worry, there is always a prison guard present to directly oversee the prisoners and they have done wonderful work for us and the park. To help with the prisoners is easy and you don't have to help with the actual cutting and splitting if you are not physically able. Basically, someone just needs to be there to make sure the logsplitter is running, they have adequate fuel etc. The prisoners typically work from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm during the week.

Cleanup Crew: The Friends Group covers three state parks; Greenwood Furnace, Whipple Dam and Penn Roosevelt. With help from the park staff we organize a general cleanup of EACH park in the spring. The cleanup usually entails picking up sticks, spreading mulch around beds, pulling weeds, maybe a little light chainsawing....and of course, eating grilled hot dogs and potato salad! All volunteers are fed and watered at the end of the work session. So far we have two sessions scheduled; see below. You can also sign up for any of the sessions at the Whipple Dam Store.

Greenwood Furnace Cleanup: April 19th, 9 am - 12 pm

Whipple Dam Cleanup: April 26th, 9 am - 12 pm

Penn Roosevelt Cleanup: Not scheduled yet

Park Advocate/Social Media: Many of the Friends Group members live on the south-side of Tussey Mountain in Stone Valley. We can use help in both the State College Area and the Belleville (Big Valley) area to promote park programs and give us a voice in these communities. Tasks might entail posting park events on social networking boards, putting up fliers in local stores, trying to get a free announcement in the local newspaper.

Trail-blazer: Volunteers are needed to monitor park trails and report maintenance/management issues. If we don't know a problem exists we can't fix it! Responsibilities include regular visits to specific trail sections, clearing the trail of minor debris, documenting trail conditions. We are hoping to provide trail monitoring forms at the Whipple Dam Store and also at the park snack bars during the season. All three parks have a hiking trails.








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